Adventure in Iceland’s Raw Beauty

If you have an appetite for adventure in the outdoors, Iceland can satisfy even the hungriest traveler. Go Traveling sent one of our own to explore the heart of a volcano, to river raft and to dive where the North American and the European tectonic plates meet.

The green river looks more cold than terrifying through the rain from the bus, where we are a bit chilly in our wetsuits. And let it be said at once: the raw cold is a factor that’s hard to ignore. We are by the river Hvítá, where we are going to raft seven kilometers with the stream through the gorge of Brúarhlöð.
The guides from Arctic Adventures are in high spirits, and that infects the rest of us. The rain decreases, and, after the safety instructions, we are ready to take our seats in the rubber boat. We quickly encounter the first rapid. The boat jumps, the water splashes, and the women in the boat squeal out loud.
“Hold it!” the guide yells, and we put down our paddles to hold on to the line surrounding the rubber boat. With the guide as the steady first mate, the rafting trip is an experience everyone can be a part of, including children from the age of 12.

Author: Signe Ferslev Pedersen

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